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In 2023, steel production (tons)
Other Auxiliary Workshops

The Rustavi Metallurgical Plant’s energy supply and mechanical equipment departments unite several auxiliary workshops whose main mission is to prepare spare parts. More specifically, these workshops are responsible for the planned and current maintenance of basic equipment.

The sub-departments of energy supply and mechanical equipment are:

The mechanical equipment department consists of:

  • a mechanical repair workshop
  • a repair workshop for technological equipment
  • a shape-casting workshop
  • a metal constructions workshop
  • a repair workshop for metallurgical furnaces

The energy supply department consists of:

  • a power-repairing workshop
  • an electrical repair workshop
  • a power supply workshop
  • an oxygen workshop
  • an electrical energy workshop
  • an oxygen compressor workshop
  • an electro-technical laboratory
  • a workshop responsible for measuring and controlling tools and automation

The department of auxiliary production consists of:

  • sections for rail and road transport
  • a building materials workshop
  • a repair and refurbishing workshop
  • an experimental workshop
  • a metrology section
  • a central laboratory