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In 2023, steel production (tons)
Reinforcing Bar Workshop

The Rustavi Metallurgical Plant’s reinforcing bar shop produces heat-teated re-bars on a Mill-320. The diameter of these A500C and A400C-class bars varies between 10 and 32mm .

The “320” mill comprises the following sections:

1. a continuous-heating dual-chamber furnace along with the following auxiliary machines:

  • a pusher
  • an ejecting device

2. a rolling line, which in itself consists of:

  • a 16-drawer mill, of which:
    • a group of 6 breakdown (roughing) drawers
    • a group of 6 intermediate drawers
    • a group of 4 finishing drawers
  • sets of flying shears, installed after the breakdown (roughing) drawers and after the thermo-processing machine
  • a thermo-processing machine

3. cold cut and packaging, consisting of the following machines:

  • a cooler
  • a cold saw  press
  • a packaging machine
  • storage