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In 2023, steel production (tons)
Slag and Scrap Reprocessing Workshop

Rustavi Metallurgical Plant’s slag and scrap reprocessing workshop is located on the area of plant’s slag dump that covers hundreds of hectares and current capacity of the slag dump is 8 million tonnes.

The slag dump stores “open-hearth” and “blast-furnace” slag. Magnetic separation of the two produces masses of ferrous metals containing 70 per cent iron. These masses are actively used during the steel melting process.

 “Open-hearth” slag is used in road construction. The I quality of “blast-furnace” slag is used in the production of construction blocks and clinker and for various other construction purposes, whereas II quality granulated slag is used for the production of cement.

More specifically, the Plant offers its customers the following types of slag:

  • Domain fraction I (0-10mm)
  • Domain fraction II (10-40mm)
  • “Open-hearth” magnetic fraction 0-10mm
  • “Open-hearth” magnetic fraction 10-60mm
  • “Open-hearth” magnetic fraction 60-250mm
  • “Open-hearth” magnetic fraction >250mm
  • “Open-hearth” non-magnetic fraction I (0-10mm)
  • “Open-hearth” non-magnetic fraction II (10-50mm)

Every month, the Plant produces around 130,000 tonnes of slag, of which 100,000 are tonnes of “open-hearth” slag and 30,000 are “blast-furnace” slag.