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In 2023, steel production (tons)
Tube-Rolling Workshop / The “140” tube-rolling mill

The Mill-140 began to work on the 10th of September 1952. This machine comprises the following mills:

  • an annular (ring) furnace
  • a piercing mill
  • an automated mill
  • two rolling mills
  • a preheating furnace
  • a drawing mill
  • a reduction mill
  • straightening machines

 This mill produces pump-compressor, sleeved, smooth-surface and other kinds of pipes.

Besides the above-mentioned sections, the complex combining different machines and sections of these two mills also comprises the following: a cooler, a warming-up furnace which works in front of the reduction mill, mills for straightening pipes, a section for cladding pipes, mills for cutting sleeves, a section for galvanizing sleeves, tables for quality control, &c.