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In 2023, steel production (tons)
Mechanical Parts

Rustavi Metallurgical Plant’s mechanical workshop produces different kinds of mechanical parts both for the Plant’s own internal use as well as executing the orders of large clients on the local and foreign markets.

The mechanical workshop comprises a forge capable of producing steel billets 50 to 600mm in diameter for the manufacture of different mechanical parts.

The following kinds of mechanical parts can also be produced in the mechanical workshop:

  • Mechanical parts 1,000 to 5,000mm in diameter and up to 1.5m high can be machine-tooled on circular lathes.
  • Cogwheels, sleeves, cylinders, rack-wheels and other parts can be made from steel billets.
  • Axes and shafts 100 to 650mm in diameter and up to 10m long can be manufactured on large lathes.
  • 4 to 28 different models of rack-wheels up to 4m in diameter, 2 to 10 different models of rack-wheels or 3 to 12 different models of spiral bevel gears can be cut on gear-cutting lathes.
  • The mechanical workshop contains milling, planing, chiselling, internal cutting and boring/drilling lathes which are capable of producing different sizes of sleeves, of rack-wheels, gear reduction casings for overhead crane wheels, axes, shafts and other parts of different sizes and weights.