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In 2023, steel production (tons)

Rustavi Metallurgical Plant’s central laboratory is responsible for all analysis and testing, which ensures that production is in accordance with the requirements of established international standards. The quality of the laboratory’s equipment and the professionalism of its staff enable the Plant to carry out the following tests:

1. Establishing mechanical characteristics

1.1   Testing the resistance of metals. Equipment: a 100-tonne-capacity computerized universal machine made in Taiwan and a 10-tonne-capacity machine made in Russia.

1.2   Establishing the impact strength of metals (Charpy impact test). Equipment: an MK-30 machine made in Russia.

1.3   Establishing the hardness of metals (Brinell and Rockwell hardness tests).

2. Chemical analyses

2.1. Full chemical analyses of metals. Equipment: an ARL-type QuantoDesk  and ARL 3460 spectrometers made in Switzerland.

2.2. Classic chemical analysis of pig iron.

2.3. Classic chemical analysis of ferro-alloys.

2.4. Spectral analysis of all kinds of ferro-alloys including ores and slags. Equipment: an ELEMA-10 laser micro-spectral analyzer made in Germany.

3. Metallographic analysis of steel and pig iron

3.1. Macro-structural analyses.

3.2. Micro-structural analyses. Equipment: a NEOFOT microscope made in Germany.