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2023 წლის მიმდინარე ფოლადის წარმოება (ტონა)
სიახლეები / Socially vulnerable population of Rustavi will receive the medical services according to the joint


On December 5, 2013, at the residence of the Ambassador of Japan, the opening ceremony of the joint humanitarian project of  Red Cross, Japan Embassy in Georgia and Rustavi Steel Medical Center was held.

The aim of the project is to deliver the basic medical services to the socially vulnerable population of Rustavi. This project of Red Cross involves the equipping of the Rustavi Steel Medical Center with modern medical equipment that will serve the socially vulnerable population in the state insurance program.

Farooq Siddiqui: Director of Rustavi Steel LLC – “We are very pleased that we take part in this charity project and support socially vulnerable population of the city of Rustavi to receive high quality medical treatment and consultancy in our medical center.”

Natia Loladze: President of Red Cross Georgia – “The objective of the project is to equip the Rustavi Medical Center with modern medical equipment and enable the socially vulnerable population of Rustavi to get all required medical services.”

Toshio Kaitani: Ambassador of Japan in Georgia – “It is a great honor to participate in this project. This project will support to strengthen the partnership ties between Georgia and Japan. I hope that lots of people will benefit from this project and I wish health to all of them. ” 


Mariam Jashi: Deputy Minister of Health – “This project is the ideal example of the good partnership between public and private sectors. We of course always welcome all initiatives that support the improvement of the quality of the medical sector. ”